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Best Knee Replacement Surgery in Punjab:
Transform Your Mobility at Neelam Hospital

Knee Replacement Surgery

Introduction to Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a common procedure that can alleviate chronic knee pain and restore mobility. At Neelam Hospital, Punjab, we specialize in providing comprehensive knee replacement surgery using the latest medical technologies and techniques. Our team of expert orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, and healthcare professionals are dedicated to ensuring the best outcomes for our patients.

Understanding Knee Replacement

What is Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee replacement surgery involves replacing a damaged or worn-out knee joint with an artificial one. This procedure is typically recommended for patients suffering from severe arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, or post-traumatic arthritis. The goal is to relieve pain, improve joint function, and enhance the overall quality of life.

Types of Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement (TKR): This involves replacing both sides of the knee joint. It is the most common type of knee replacement surgery.

Partial Knee Replacement (PKR): Also known as unicompartmental knee replacement, this procedure is suitable for patients with damage in only one part of the knee.

Revision Knee Replacement: This is a secondary surgery performed when the initial knee replacement fails or wears out needs to be replaced due to wear or complications.

Symptoms Indicating the Need for Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery may be necessary if you experience the following symptoms:

Severe Knee Pain: Persistent and severe pain that limits your daily activities, such as walking, climbing stairs, and sitting or rising from chairs.

Chronic Inflammation and Swelling: Ongoing knee inflammation and swelling that do not improve with rest, medications, or other treatments.

Knee Deformity: Visible deformity in the knee, such as bowing in or out, which affects the alignment and function of the joint.

Stiffness: Difficulty bending and straightening the knee, leading to restricted movement and flexibility.

Failed Conservative Treatments: When conservative treatments like physical therapy, medications, and injections fail to provide relief, knee replacement may be recommended to restore function and alleviate pain.

Who Needs Knee Replacement?

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is typically recommended for individuals suffering from:

  • Severe osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis
  • Knee deformities
  • Chronic knee pain and stiffness
  • Limited daily activities due to knee pain

Our orthopedic specialists at Neelam Hospital will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if knee replacement is the right option for you.

Benefits of Knee Replacement Surgery

Pain Relief: Significantly reduces or eliminates knee pain.

Improved Mobility: Enhances the ability to walk, climb stairs, and perform daily activities.

High Success Rate: Most patients experience long-term improvement in knee function.

Enhanced Quality of Life: Allows for a more active and fulfilling lifestyle.

Our Expertise in Knee Replacement

Experienced Surgeons

Neelam Hospital boasts a team of highly experienced orthopedic surgeons who have performed numerous successful knee replacement surgeries. Our surgeons are trained in the latest surgical techniques and are committed to providing personalized care to each patient.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our hospital is equipped with advanced medical technologies and state-of-the-art surgical facilities, ensuring the highest standards of care. We utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques to reduce recovery time and improve surgical outcomes.

The Knee Replacement Process at Neelam Hospital

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The journey to knee replacement begins with a thorough consultation and assessment. Our specialists will conduct a detailed examination, including imaging tests like X-rays and MRIs, to evaluate the extent of knee damage and determine the most appropriate treatment plan.

Preoperative Preparation

Before surgery, patients undergo a comprehensive preoperative evaluation to ensure they are fit for the procedure. This includes medical history review, physical examination, and necessary blood tests. Patients are also educated about the surgery, postoperative care, and rehabilitation process.

What to Expect During Knee Replacement Surgery

During the knee replacement surgery, the damaged portions of the knee joint are removed and replaced with prosthetic components made of metal and plastic. The surgery typically lasts between 1 to 2 hours, and patients are usually under general or spinal anesthesia. Our surgical team ensures precision and care throughout the procedure to optimize outcomes and minimize complications.

Postoperative Care and Rehabilitation

Postoperative care is crucial for successful recovery. Our multidisciplinary team provides personalized care, including pain management, wound care, and physiotherapy. Early mobilization is encouraged to enhance recovery and improve joint function.

Success Rates and Long-Term Outcomes of Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery has a high success rate, with most patients experiencing significant pain relief and improved mobility. Studies show that over 90% of knee replacements are still functioning well 15 years after surgery. Patients often report a better quality of life and increased ability to engage in daily activities and low-impact sports. Long-term outcomes depend on factors such as the patient’s activity level, adherence to postoperative rehabilitation, and overall health.

Risks and Complications Associated with Knee Replacement

Like any surgical procedure, knee replacement carries some risks. Potential complications include infection, blood clots, implant loosening, and nerve damage. However, these risks are relatively low, and our team at Neelam Hospital takes all necessary precautions to minimize them. Regular follow-up appointments and adherence to postoperative care instructions significantly reduce the likelihood of complications, ensuring a smooth recovery and optimal outcome.

Choosing the Right Surgeon for Knee Replacement

Selecting the right surgeon is critical for a successful knee replacement. Patients should seek a surgeon with extensive experience and a high success rate in knee replacement procedures. At Neelam Hospital, our orthopedic surgeons are renowned for their expertise and commitment to patient care. They stay updated with the latest advancements in orthopedic surgery and employ state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Advanced Techniques and Technology

At Neelam Hospital, we utilize advanced techniques and technology to enhance the success of knee replacement surgeries:

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Smaller incisions lead to faster recovery and less postoperative pain.
  • Computer-Assisted Surgery (CAS): Provides greater precision in aligning the knee components.
  • Robotic-Assisted Surgery: Enhances accuracy and outcomes through robotic technology.

Recovery and Rehabilitation

Recovery from knee replacement surgery involves a well-structured rehabilitation program designed by our physiotherapists. The program includes:

  • Early Mobilization: Encourages movement soon after surgery to prevent stiffness.
  • Physiotherapy: Tailored exercises to restore strength and mobility.
  • Pain Management: Effective strategies to manage pain during recovery.
  • Regular Follow-ups: Ensures proper healing and monitors progress.

Why Choose Neelam Hospital for Knee Replacement?

Expertise and Experience: Our team of skilled orthopedic surgeons has extensive experience in performing knee replacement surgeries.

Advanced Techniques: We utilize the latest surgical techniques and technologies to ensure the best outcomes for our patients.

Comprehensive Care: From preoperative assessment to postoperative rehabilitation, we provide comprehensive care to ensure a smooth recovery.

Patient-Centric Approach: Our patient-centric approach focuses on individualized care, ensuring that each patient’s unique needs are met.

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At Neelam Hospital, knee replacement surgery offers patients a renewed quality of life, free from chronic knee pain. Our unwavering dedication to excellence, state-of-the-art medical technology, and compassionate care ensures that each patient receives the highest standard of treatment. If you are struggling with knee pain and are considering knee replacement surgery, don’t wait any longer. Book an appointment with our experts at  Neelam Hospital today and take the first step towards a pain-free future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Knee replacement is recommended for patients with severe knee pain and disability due to arthritis or injury, which has not responded to conservative treatments like medication or physical therapy.

Like any surgical procedure, knee replacement carries some risks, including infection, blood clots, implant loosening, and nerve damage. However, these risks are minimized with proper surgical techniques and postoperative care.

Recovery time varies from patient to patient. Most patients can resume normal activities within 6 to 12 weeks, but full recovery may take up to a year. Rehabilitation and physiotherapy play a crucial role in the recovery process.

Modern knee implants are designed to last 15 to 20 years or more, depending on the patient’s activity level and overall health. Regular follow-up appointments are essential to monitor the condition of the implant.

Knee Replacement Surgery

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